Posted: April 27, 2013 in Webcam work
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So right now i am sat here naked, having finished the first cam show that i have done in a long while.

My client in this 15min show wanted me to “open my pussy”, suck on a dildo, stick a dildo up my ass and lie back with my mouth open.  After site fees i take home about £20 (doing some estimating here).

All pretty ok things to do.

In my last job as a waitress it would take me over 3 hours to earn that, 3 hours in which management would be horrible, customers would be stressful, i probably wouldn’t get a break in that time.  I would be hot sweaty and more then a little miserable after 3 hours in my old job, and after 3 hours i wouldn’t have yet reached £20.

Right now, I feel calm, happy, inspired (I’ve decided to write this blog).

My boss has offered me a “2nd chance” after i quit I’m a “hard worker” she doesn’t want to see me go, she knows i “need the hours”.

Well actually no, you need me to work for you.  And i don’t want too and i don’t have too.  I am happy taking my clothes off on the internet and chilling the fuck out.



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