White Panties

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Today I put on new clean white panties,  I will wear them for two days, maybe even a little longer, I shall go for a run or go to the gym wearing them.  I will never wash them.  I will photograph myself wearing them.  I like to call this work.

I am of course describing selling my dirty underwear (contact me if you want to arrange something).  It’s something that I enjoy, it feels so decadent.  Wearing pants, posting them, and not having to do my laundry.

Though it does sometimes make me do slightly strange things, like offering to leave my dirty underwear at a lovers house, which maybe isn’t what everyone does.  This lover had left underwear at mine and I had washed it, because it seemed like the best thing to do, in fact I am getting a small collection of their underwear these days.  I digress.

I like turning my everyday activities into work/pay. 



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