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A friend of mine wrote a thing about gizzum, and the reaction of a person when they are young and sex is new and the awareness that gizzum drips back down is also new.  This piece of writing to me is both horrific and beautiful, reminds me of so many things i felt and thought as a 16 year old, drunkenly discovering the world and stupidly sometimes not using protection.

My friend has sent this piece to me, they said i could distribute and share it, so i have copied it out here,  any comments will be passed on to the writer.

“and then the gizzum dribbled out of her cunt, much like the hair gel he would squeeze in splodges out of the plastic bottle in the mornings before school.  He watched, fascinated, as she sat up and let it run in gloppy strings out of herself onto some of his stained boxer-shorts she held underneath.  He saw her tense and one final blob dropped out without a sound, though he imagined a quiet squelch.  He felt a little disgusted, made an excuse, and went to the bathroom.  He sat on the toilet for a second, doing nothing, and then went back to bed.  Luckily she had put herself back under the covers.

Sliding in next to her, the cold smoothness of her skin brushing against his own, something of that initial wonder and excitement returned, though now accompanied by a sense of comfort.  This was the feminine body he wanted, thank God, not that which had his own scummy dribble falling from crevices of it.  No, he wanted smooth skin, curves, gentle touches.  Christ, how he wanted it.  And Christ how little he wanted to see jizzum fall from her cunt again.  she snuggled up to him, and he buried his face in her hair.”

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