Posted: May 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Sexy waitressing for poker players, all pay is tips, all a bit flirty, all a bit fun, how hard can it be???

well, quite hard work. 

First I was informed that tips could be up to £200, which is quite a sum.  This was blatantly not true i soon realized.  A poker game where that sort of tip quantity is available probably has around £2000 on the table, at least.  This poker game had around £300 on the table by the end of the game.  Of course my tips were therefore low.  The host informed me that normally tips are more forthcoming, around £50, so why, in the interview did he tell me a much larger number???

My job consisted mainly of serving drinks, sitting on laps, and generally being a bit pretty and sexy.  People there seemed to enjoy my jokes and company, I think I went down well with the crowd, but i barely got paid.  seriously £30 is nowhere near enough for the evening.

Nearly everyone there was a bit handsy, although i did (of course) keep them within my boundaries.  No hands in my pants thank you.  One person there, younger then the others, seemed a bit surprised at my presence there and didn’t seem to know what to do when I asked to sit on his lap, he was lovely and it was kinda sweet his obvious unsureness where to put his hands.  The poker game was a bit over 2 hours long in the end.

All the guests arrived late, so the game started so late I missed all the public transport back, so I was compelled to stay the night, my host was drunk and sleepy.  I didn’t want to argue about sharing the bed, so we did, which was fine.  Till he work me up at 6.30 in the morning to ask me to stroke his balls,  umm, no, so many levels of no. Who ever wakes me at that time in the morning to ask me to stroke their genitalia is going to get a blunt no.  He seemed a little hurt by my reaction, but accepted it.  Then we continued to sleep. 

He took me for breakfast in the morning, dropped me off, and i waved good bye. 

A long night for £30.  Shocking stuff


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