Posted: May 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Recently my father rang me.  This isn’t an unusual thing, he often rings to share whatever he is up too.  He rings when he is bored.  He rings to check I am alive (though not to check if i have all my fingers and toes – that is something my mother rings about).

This time he started the conversation with the ominous phrase “I read your blog”.  This surprises me, he found it via my twitter.  He said that he didn’t want to follow me on twitter due “to not wanting to know” any dark and sordid parts of my life (he didn’t use that phrasing).  In the same way when my mother found my diary and read ALL of it, he refused.  Well he decided to have a quick look at what i was twittering, and therefore what I was blogging.

He was concerned, as I guess many fathers would be after reading my blog.  The things I blog about, the work I do, are not the things a father dreams of when he thinks of the future for his daughter. 

I reassured him that I did this of my own volition, that I was happy, and this resulted in me having great freedom over my work, my time.  I am my own boss.

Still concerned, he offered me an allowance.  I turned this down, although now I feel foolish for doing this, surely if I had accepted I would quite literally be a “lady who lunches” supported and un-needing of work.  However I value my independence too much, often being told that is one my greatest flaws (I disagree with these people). 

He isn’t going to tell mother, which is good. Because she would dislike me doing this deeply, there is much of my life that mother is unaware of and it is probably best for all that it remains that way.  There is still much that father doesn’t know about my life, but he definitely knows more (and now he has read my blog even more) then mother.

He finished the call with a reminder of internet safety, of needing to keep things seperate, how easy it is to find people, homes, addresses, private details etc on the internet.  I told him I knew this (of course – it is very easy to do).  This reminded me of how he had told me the importance of school, etc. and the way I could only agree, and be reminded to actually listen not just agree.

  1. Talk about awkward of a parent knowing. o.O

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