poop time???

Posted: May 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Today I had a very polite and lovely client with a very special request.  “had i ever cammed on the toilet?”.  Whilst i have cammed going to the toilet (father i really hope you have not continued reading my blog – unless you really want to know everything about my work? in which case go ahead), I have never cammed on the toilet.  We agreed i would try, i thought i needed a poop.

I went to the toilet room, i assumed (assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups) he wanted to see the actually toileting.  He didn’t, he wanted to watch my FACE.  I love people and their little quirks.

So i spent a few minutes on the toilet, trying to do a poop.  And i mean really trying, getting in a good straight backed position, pushing, breathing, etc.  It never happened, though i did do a wee for him (was that an overshare? whateve’s)

He gave a lovely tip, and we went our separate ways.  Lovely work

Although i now keep farting – i totally blame this guy for this.

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