Back to the Hustle

Posted: July 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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So, after a number of weeks in the wilderness it is now time to return back to work and try and fund the rest of my travels.  Next stop is Berlin, a good big capital so should be able to pick up some work there in the 3 weeks (maybe a little less) I’m staying.

I have already been emailing a few people.  Have an interview to do some scantily clad cleaning.  That sounds pretty hopeful.  So fingers crossed.  That feels like a real blast from the past.  Have done similar work before and it can definitely be really fun. 

Also have been emailing a few people about photo shoots, so maybe one off those will work out OK.  So often there are time wasters though.  Is a massive pain in the ass. 

Even if nothing does work out, should be able to make it back to the UK where I have some definite bits of work lined up.  Is always a reassuring feeling.

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