To Eat a Whale

Posted: July 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I saw a whale, a minke whale.  I saw this whale in the sea, and then I saw the whale (presumably not the same individual) in the supermarket.  It was frozen, and minced.  Some strange part of me felt compelled to buy it, taste it.  To know what this massive creature tasted like on a plate. 

According to some I have met it is very tasty, juicy.  I read a leaflet saying that although billed as a traditional Icelandic dish only 5% of Icelanders regularly consume this large sea mammal.

It is not possible (again according to the “meet us, don’t eat us” campaign) to kill such a large animal in the difficult conditions of the ocean in an ethical and humane manner.  I can well believe that.  How do you kill and drag a several tonne animal out of the sea without causing it to suffer?  But also there must surely be an element of suffering in the ending of life of all animals slaughtered for food. 

The whale has at least been free in the ocean.  I sincerely doubt that the whale could ever be domesticated and raised within confinement.  It’s life has been shortened.  But it has known the freedom of the earth’s oceans.  Compare this now to the cow, confined within a farm where the only consideration for it is how to make it fatter quicker.  That is not a life to aspire too. 

Consider also the food for each of these creatures.  The cow fed on the soy bean, growing in the tropics destroying the forests there by the acre.  The whale fed on the smallest creatures in the sea. 

Eating both these creatures is destroying the world and the way it functions.  But which is worse I could not tell you.  In each case an animal dies, an eco system is upset. 

But I can tell you the whale tastes like the most juicy tasty steak you will have ever eaten

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