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Old Vs. Young

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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It has been a while since I have posted.  Life has been incredibly busy recently, it always is at the end of the summer travels. 

I am now back at home and settling in work, study, life.  I’m working just a little because I don’t need to work more and I don’t want to.  I work to live, not live to work. 

Today I would like to talk about age of my clients.  My clients vary in age, from their early 20s to somewhere in their 60s.  All of my clients have been civil and lovely to me. 

My older clients are delightful, gentle (except when we’ve agreed for something more kinky) and, they love to make me come.  I mean seriously.  They want to make me cum, and cum, and then cum some more.  sometimes it gets to a point where I literally can not come anymore.  I am begging them to stop, there is only so much pleasure that a body can take. 

I am lucky because I can cum again and again.  Also it isn’t that hard to make me cum.  If I am in the mood for cumming it literally is a matter of stopping me from cumming. 

These older clients take some of the meeting time to talk, about themselves, their lives, their ideas.  There is a connection that forms between us during the session. 

Younger clients though are a whole other kettle of fish.  There was one who wanted to fuck for the WHOLE hour, constantly.  He would cum and then be trying to get it hard again.  He wanted to squeeze every second out of that session.  There was little talking, just fucking.  It was exhausting, one of the most exhausting meets I have ever had. 

I wonder how these two different sets of people differ in what they are trying to get out of the session.  A sensual enjoyable session with connection and pleasure.  A session which is just an alternative to masturbation with a pretty face (me? modest?) to help them along. 

Bring on more of the oldies please xxx





I am finally getting around to writing that blog post i promised in my previous post.  I’ve been busy packing etc for my summer away, hence the tardiness.

I arrived on time at the gloryhole (a panel of wood in a door way with two holes in it – money goes through, cock goes through and there it is wanked and sucked),  after many coffees.  I was feeling very awake, this surprised me as I had slept very little the night before (i had been on a coach all night).  I changed into some sexy lingerie, and we took a couple of photos – they weren’t flattering nice ones, it made me sad 😦

And then the waiting started.  This was the part that totally killed me, being not sure how the whole day was going to go, if I would be able to do it. And all of the other worries that had time to go through my mind.  Literally was worse bit of the whole day. 

And then the waiting ended.  The first client of the day turned up.  Said hello, put the money through the hole, put his cock through the hole.  And then i wanked and i sucked.  He came quickly just a few moments.  Was easy, not unpleasant.  Was surprised at how easy the whole thing had been.  The only negative was the awful smelling pina colada lube  – this was literally making me heave.  Eugh.

The day continued, in total there were 5 clients throughout the day.  I received a tip from one guy – he took longer then the others to cum and thanked me for specifically for my patience – the worse thing about this booking was the hair on his penis, it was like sand paper in the mouth.  Another guy was young, typically hansom looking, maybe a rugby player.  He had a wedding ring on, he had cum and gone so fast.  It interested me what made him come to the gloryhole. 

The final client of the day was younger then the others who had visited throughout the day. He clearly had not read the profile, in fact was shocked by the gloryhole when he arrived.  Appeared about to pay in change (seriously -wtf?) before we bent the rule regarding giving out change and took his notes and gave him a note back.  His cock was the biggest of the day, already hard, unfortunately with an annoying and uncomfortable kink in the end of it.  He didn’t take long to come, I let him touch my hand, he clearly wanted more then this, a connection of two people or something.  Next time maybe he’ll read the profile a little more closely.

That evening I had some more work, 2 hours giving a massage with us both naked.  I had specially stole some massage oils for this booking – it would make me look more professional.  i was nervous meeting him, this felt like such a strange booking.  I was so happy that it went well and I stayed safe after that I gave almost half my tobbaco to a guy asking for change near the hotel, an offering to those who keep you safe (not that i am into spiritualism, just sometimes is nice to give something to someone when luck is on your side)

2 hours is a long time for a massage, luckily we got on well and I was able to chatter happily away to him.  Part of the pleasure of the evening I think was living vicariously through my stories,  Some interesting embellishments to my life made for some entertaining telling. 

Now currently i am on my period (have lost a good bit of work recently because of this – wish i was less irregular),  though I thought this would all be fine, my mooncup (google it if you don’t know – literally changed my life) would take care of it all and there would be no leaks.  There was so so embarassing.  Luckily I bled only on to my leg, and excused myself to wee and sort myself out.  The rest of the booking went fine.  Although by the end of it my arms ached so much from working so hard.  Also the room was crazy hot, so was just dripping in sweat – totally grim.  He told me he enjoyed the massage and looks forward to my return after summer to have me come and massage him again.