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Sugar daddy, bring home your sugar.

I now have a sugar daddy, married, professional.  And seemingly slightly trashy.  Heavy with gifts and sweet words.  He gets off on our age difference (he’s older then my father), the secrecy, the naughtiness.  I enjoy the attention, the plain ridiculousness of the situation at times.  

I’ve never, before, been with someone that much older then I.  The sex is alright, nothing to write home about.  His fingers at times a little brutal, I have to tell him (more then once) to be more gentle with them.  I was left with a nasty case of cystitis, it’s cleared up now.  Just another “gift” from him.  

It feels an easy relationship in many ways.  I know what he wants, his virility, his maleness, his youth, his desirability to be confirmed.  Each of us needs a way to prove we are not going to grow old, to dispel our mortality, allow us to live forever.  This is his.  I am his elixir of Youth.