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Answering craigslist adverts is always entertaining.  Found a particularly special job recently.  This was to take photos of a naked, masturbating man.  He wanted these photos to swap with his hot lover.  Which is all kind of sweet really.

We met, drank wine, talked.  Reassuring each other that neither of us were insane people.  Neither of us appeared to be to crazy.  So with a little giggling we returned to his apartment. 

His apartment was amazing.  A really beautiful space.  A little overly large maybe, but it was really lovely.

He was awkward, this was clearly something he had never done before, being naked and sexual in front of a total stranger.  I tried to reassure him, allow him to make the boundaries of what he was comfortable with.

We took some good photos together.  I really enjoy it, I think I would like to take more photos of men masturbating.  But maybe I am just a little strange. 

He showed me the pictures his lover had sent.  They were really amazing.  Very sexy and hot.  I hope she likes the photos I took.

Overall it was a very enjoyable evening.  I hope for more work like this